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As I’ve tried to explain elsewhere on this site, I’m mainly doing this for myself. This is a hobby, not a side hustle.

If you want to support real, actual comics artists, here are a couple ways to do that. (These recommendations are based solely on my inclination to support Chicago-area indie artists.)

  • You could check out Iron Circus Comics; they have a majestic online store full of cool stuff.
  • You could find individual artists you like and support them via Patreon. For example, it’s my pleasure to send Kevin Budnik a few bucks every month.

Having said all that, I am open to the possibility of accepting your gracious donations. My lofty goal is to make enough from tips to support the modest operational costs of this site. That’s all! Anything over and above that will go into the baby’s college fund.

Tip Jar

Much appreciated if you can; no worries if you can't.


Writing some things down, in case it helps a little.